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Well that was rude

Allie. Rare Canadian/Russian hybrid. I'm in love with a lily white ginger hermit from Minnesota.

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Anonymous whispered:
As I saw him i gasped and said "Sir Paul Martin! I MUSt tell Allie!" Hopefully I'll see him again. Btw, I live in the UK, hence the 'Sir'

i’m honored u thought of me. i hope u do see him again

Anonymous whispered:
Just thought I'd let you know that I saw an English older version of Paul Martin on my train this morning. I tried to sneak a pic but caught by the little girl next to me. Grrrr. Poor thing was too young to understand that the Tumblr-verse needed this.

tbh i don’t think i could have handled that


The KISS crew: Spaling, Bort, Beau & Martin

Tanger as the Mad Hatter & Maatta as the Cheshire Cat

via @wondermegz (She did the makeup for Letang & the KISS crew.)

sid waving to all the kiddos at the open practice (x)


but if d-men dont turn u on there is nothing i can do to help u

Anonymous whispered:
Super curious about Sutter's 'inappropriate' costume, he said he couldn't talk about it in his interview

oh yeah i saw i hope it was just extremely racy or just particularly humiliating. 

maybe they replaced mustache boy with ‘wearing a dumb costume boy’ and sutter had to dress up like the new years baby or something

10/20/14, off day. (L-R = Paulie, Beauner, Geno, Bortz, Spaling)

Paul Martin, winner of the best Halloween costume idea. (x)